2014/Open badges/Utveckling

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Sida för att lista behov för utvecklingen av open badges för Mediawiki, T76855.


  • badge-creator
  • badge-awarder
  • badge-earner - (any logged in user)

For awarding badges

Here are interesting features of BadgeOS wordpress plug in.

Multiple methods for awarding and defining achievements:

  • Reviewed submissions - the earner submits a piece of evidence to to be reviewed by the badge-awarder to decide whether it meets the critera and can be awarded.
  • Auto-approving submissions - the earner is automatically awarded a badge when an achievement corresponds to a specified trigger.
  • Nominations and review - the earner is nominated by other users for a badge, nominations are reviewed by badge-awarder.
  • Site activity (triggers based on e.g. commenting,other specified activity on the site, or other badges earned).
  • Admin Given (issued by badge-awarder directly to awardee).

See also BadgeOS plug in documentation for wordpress.

For earners

  • Push an awarded badge to Mozilla backpack. (Connection can be done thorugh the The Persona extension)
  • (Share an awarded badge in social media networks.)