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Wikimedia Sverige's strategy gives focus for the programs on a 2-4 year basis from 2016 in order to reach the, by the association decided, Vision.

Access Use Community Enabling
The chapter shall increase the knowledge about free licenses and increase access to free resources. The chapter shall promote the increased use of free licenses. The chapter shall promote high confidence in and increased use of the Wikimedia projects and free knowledge. The chapter shall promote high usability of the Wikimedia projects. The chapter shall support active users with expertise and other resources. The chapter shall promote an inclusive climate and low barriers of entry for new users. The chapter shall be competent. The chapter's work shall be transparent. The chapter shall strive for an organizational stability.

We have conducted a series of consultations. We started in May 2015 by personally inviting active community members to answer a survey about our annual plans and strategy. We also made a wider survey to all our members in the chapter (there is a huge overlap with chapter members and active users in the community). This input was taken into the board's strategy review process in which a surrounding world analysis was made. In addition to that we invited to a meeting where a lot of ideas were collected that has guided the entire planning process.