Verksamhetsberättelse 2011/6/en

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Chapter internal work

An unusually large part of the boards work has been directed to plannning the chapters future development. During mainly the autumn a program plan and a budget for 2012 was made. As the planned growth was a significant change the chapter held an extra annual meeting which supported the plans.

Board meetings

The board had 13 meetings during 2011. As the board members are widely spread over Sweden most of them were held on Skype. The board also had two workshops in Stockholm in May and in September led by Sebastian Moleski from Wikimedia Deutschland.

Other meetings

The annual meeting was on the Nordic museum at March 26. A member meeting was held in August where the plans for the future were discussed, as well as programs for the plan of 2012 and changes in the chapter bylaws. An extra annual meeting was held in November.

Community driven projects

Community driven projects is a new initiative where the members and users of Wikipedia can apply for grants to perform different projects supporting Wikipedia and the chapters purpose. The feedback was largely positive and several projects was conducted during the autumn.

Member activities

The chapter has amongt other things been doing photo hunts and members has been involved in the chapter's different projects. REgular wiki meet-ups has taken place in Stockholm and Gothenburg, often with representatives from the board or other active members as participants. The Community driven projects also ave the members to do activities on their own.

Communication with the members

All new members has been sent a welcome letter. NEws letters has been sent regularly and the information has also been spread on Wikipedia and the chapter blog. Increasingly this has been complemented with Twitter and Facebook.