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Donations and the chapters finances

The chapters finances has been developed well during 2011 and both the number of members, donations and external grants has increased since last year. During the autumn an agreement with Wikimedia Foundation was signed which meant that the Chapter will receive a grant on almost 2 million SEK for 2012.

Financial ratio:

  • Incoming balance: 324,605 SEK.
  • Member fees: 1,400 SEK.
  • Donations: cirka 80,000 SEK.
  • Other: 2,810.50 SEK.

Project Grant from Wikimedia Foundation:

  • WMF/WP10 13,139.20 SEK.

Annual Grant from Wikimedia Foundation for 2012:

  • WMF 2012: 1,198,482 SEK.

External financing

Several projects has been made possible through grants from external organisations and funds. Project Internet in Sweden, the photo hunt in Roslagen and Wikimedia Sverige's attendance at the Gothenburg book fair this year was fully or partly paid by foundations and funds.

External financing:

  • Cloudberry/Photo hunt: 9,000 SEK.
  • .SE/Internet in Sweden: 105,600 SEK.
  • The memory of Lars Hiertas foundation/Gothenburg book fair: 20,000 SEK.


The number of members in Wikimedia Sverige has been increasing over the year from 207 members to 221.