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Larger projects

Internet in Sweden

Projekt Internet i Sverige ("Project Internet in Sweden") was a project on Swedish Wikipedia aiming to improve articles categorized as concerning Internet in Sweden. Wikimedia Sweden has, financed by Stiftelsen för Internetinfrastruktur ("The Foundation for Internet Infrastructure"), which handles the .se top-level domain, hired a Wikipedia editor to do meta work related to the project.

Wiki Loves Monuments

Wiki Loves Monuments is an international photo contest around cultural heritage monuments in September. Starting from the Netherlands in 2010 it was now organized on a European level in 2011 (16 countries). Wikimedia Sverige was responsible for the Swedish contest 2011. We partnered with the Nordic Museum (Nordiska museet) and the Swedish National Heritage Board (Riksantikvarieämbetet). The jury chose ten winners from the 5135 submitted images and we held a price ceremeony at the Nordic musuem. Half of the images was uploaded by new users.

We created a project team together with our partners and appointed a project manager from Wikipedia. The Swedish National Heritage Board gave free access to Bebyggelseregistret (The Cultural Historical Building Register) and we created a website and a map with all buildings in the building database.

We had a booth at the Photo fair where we informed about free licenses and exhibited some of the award wining photos of Wiki Loves Monuments.

Wikipedia 10 year

When Wikipedia turned 10, at January 15, 2011, Wikimedia Sverige arranged two events in Stockholm.

  • On Thursday the 13th, there was a panel discussion on the theme "the mature Wikipedia" at Strand hotel. In the panel was amongst others, Member of Parliament Karls Sigfrid, journalist PM Nilsson and the authors Stig Larsson and Unni Drougge. The discussion was followed by a party.
  • On Saturday the 15th (Wikipedias birthday) a full day event in Stockholm City Library was arranged in cooperation with the library. We gave talks, had a Q&A and discussions about Wikipedia.

Photo hunts

In collaboration with Cloudberry (a Nordic council funded by the Creative Commons project) we arranged a photo hunt in Roslagen. Volunteers from Wikipedia devoted a weekend to taking pictures. Around 500 images was uploaded to Commons. The travel costs and accommodation expenses was covered by Cloudberry.

Other outreach


Wikipedia got a lot of attention during the celebrations in January and some of it also shined a light at the chapter. There is still a confusion between Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation and Wikimedia Sverige. From the chapter activities Internet in Sweden had a few articles in the press and also Wiki Loves Monuments. MyNewsDesk was used for press releases, both for reaching out farher and to have more specific audience.

Internet and social media

The chapter blog has been used during the year to inform about our work and current projects,but also for more personal posts from active members and guest writers have been coomenting on and discussing issues about Wikipedia and free knowledge. The chapter has to a larger extent been using Facebook and Twitter. During Wiki Loves Monuments we had great cooperation with the Nordic Museum and the National Heritage Board on Twitter which helped us reach larger groups.

PR and information material

Just in time to the Photo fair a big drive to produce more informational material about Wikimedia Commons was made. A brochure was printed and also different post cards with pictures from Commons. Specifically to the fairs posters has been printed and t-shirts for the volunteers in the both has been made.