Verksamhetsberättelse 2020/Story: Increasing awareness about our work

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In this Story we are focusing on the significant efforts in 2020 to increase knowledge in Sweden about the association and the work we do and how it help to improve the world.

Free knowledge for a stronger democracy – one of the videos created for our communication project around Wikimedia and the Global Goals.

This spring, we have intensified visibility efforts. It has been a long-standing issue that while almost everyone knows Wikipedia, just a few know about the Wikimedia movement that stands behind it. Through strategic, methodic and intensified efforts, we aim to change that situation.

We started the year with a communication project around Wikimedia and the Global Goals, where we worked together with a communication agency to attract visibility. We created a landing page dedicated to the Global Goals on our website, and the communication efforts with the agency directed traffic there. The total reach of the posts was about 1,450,000, and unique reach 232,000. The videos produced by the agency, based on the Free Knowledge and the Global Goals Spotlight Session during Wikimania, had in total more than 400,000 views via Wikimedia Commons, and 20,000 views on Facebook. Videos from Wikimania were also aired on Swedish Public Service in the fall, where they had in total about 10,000 views.

We believe that these efforts increased the awareness of the brand and our work. We followed up the efforts with advertising campaigns on Facebook, which led to a rapid increase in the number of followers on the platform. We set up a number of ads with different images as well as messages, inviting anyone who liked the image to follow our page. The ambition was to gain more followers in order for our messages to reach a larger crowd in the future, hoping to spread the Wikimedia Message to a new audience. The ads were targeted at a very wide set of Facebook users.

To follow up on this, we have worked more with social media in general and also with collecting and analyzing statistics. Our ambition is to reach more people in total, and also gain an audience large enough to be segmented into our different areas of work for a higher accuracy in our messages. We are also aware of the fact that some major funders are taking the reach of the organization into consideration when deciding if we will be receiving financial support from them to fund. As such this effort might also have a very direct impact on our future financial sustainability.