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This is the Chapters report for Wikimedia Sverige, February 2012.

Board meeting

There was one board meeting in February, minutes available in Swedish.[1]

Annual meeting

We had our annual meeting on February 25th, with 23 members attending. Jan Ainali was once again elected as Chairman. Holger Motzkau, Axel Pettersson, Bengt Oberger and Albin Jacobsson was also reelected. New boardmembers are Mikaela Waxin, Ylva Pettersson, Mattias Blomgren, Arild Vågen and Harald Andersson. A vision which was drafted during the Chapter growth and development program was adopted. Minutes are available in Swedish.[2] After that the new board had he first constituent meeting, where Holger Motzkau was reelected as Treasurer. Minutes are available in Swedish.[3]

The day after, we had a working meeting with the board and members. During the full day, we went through all our whole program plan and made a brainstorming on a detail level.


  • Our first employee, the chapter secretary has started his work at our Stockholm office. Jakob Hammarbäck will work fulltime from now, with a contract until December 31 2012. [4]
  • Anna Bauer was working part-time during February on the Wiki skills project.

Wiki skills

Anna Bauer attended the kick-off meeting for the Wiki skills project in Barcelona, Spain.

"We've been trying to reach a mutual understanding of the WikiSkills organization and the coming courses. Since the Kick-off, I have hired a coworker, Leonard Wallentin, and now we are arranging the coming introductory courses. I've blogged about the coming courses here: Introduction course coming up soon! [5] (Google translation is however not too good)".

General info on WikiSkills are available in English. [6]

Europeana Awareness

Lennart Guldbrandsson and Arild Vågen attended the kick-off meeting for the Europeana Awareness project in Den Haag, The Netherlands. During the meeting, they got more information about what the project entails:

  • a pan-European contest along the lines of Wiki loves monument. This contest should deal with public art and be held during the spring of 2013. Planning has started and hopefully this will be announced/discussed at Wikimania
  • six GLAM-wiki conferences in six countries in the EU: Sweden, Germany, France, Poland, the UK and the Netherlands.
  • a report on collaborations between Europeana and the Wikimedia movement.

The project leader, Lennart, will announce a staff position opening in the upcoming weeks, to be filled during March. The person that is hired will work for around 14-22 weeks (details to be specified soon).

Work on the Swedish white paper [7] on GLAM:s and copyright which started previously this year, have gone on steadily. The work have produced a long list of important questions about copyright and GLAM:s, including how orphan works should be dealt with, as well as some proposed shared views that can be used as a starting point for further collaborations.

The national digitization coordinators, DigiSam, have spoken favorably on this project, and will help spread it and make it the de facto standard on how the GLAM sector handle copyright in the digital age.

GLAM-wiki launches the white paper work

On February 24th, Lennart Guldbrandsson along with representatives on many of the national GLAM:s had a three-hour session. The Royal Library, the National Heritage Board, the National Archive, and other major organisations were all there and participated in the very positive talks. Lennart presented the white paper, and encouraged all of them to add their thoughts and experiences to the wiki page. The discussions also produced a number of strategies for further projects, including a more prominent Public Domain Day in Sweden. Another meeting is scheduled for sometime in the next two months.

Again, DigiSam have been very supportive and blogged about the meeting.[8]

Upcoming in March

  • 3, Board meeting
  • 20, Board meeting
  • 24, Edit-a-thon, theme: birds
  • 29-1 April, Chapters meeting Berlin