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Tjänsten har tillsatts av Sandra Fauconnier.

Organize the work of developing and maintaining software solutions for sharing content from partners from the whole world!

Do you want to make Wikipedia even better? Do you want to make it possible for the world's cultural heritage institutions to share their content on the Wikimedia platforms?

Do you want to lay the foundation for new technical initiatives that make it easier for everyone to engage with the global Wikimedia movement – empowering our partners and enabling volunteers to implement successful projects?

Wikimedia Sverige is starting several large and innovative projects in 2022. We need a skilled and experienced Product strategist with a focus on software development that makes partnerships with various content owners easier.

Job description

Wikimedia Sverige is investigating, experimenting and preparing for the opportunity of taking a formal leadership and coordination role in the global Wikimedia movement.

The focus of this job, which can be done remotely, is developing methods and strategies around our software development and partnerships in order to make it possible for us to implement new content partnerships faster, easier and with more quality. We work strategically and with a long-term approach to improve the conditions for content partnerships. A large part of this effort is focused on coordinating the work with different stakeholders, which is why strong familiarity with both the global Wikimedia movement and the GLAM sector is crucial. The work requires consultations and extensive discussions. You will be involved in presentations, workshops, surveys and meetings. You might also have an opportunity for international travel.

Wikimedia Sverige has a long history of collaborating with various organizations, thanks to which a large amount of content has been made accessible on the Wikimedia platforms in the last 15 years. We want to build on that work and become a so-called thematic hub for content partnerships. The aim of this work is developing a structure for how the hub can work with different target groups, such as volunteers, partners and other Wikimedia organizations. We want to make it easier for them to collaborate and ensure that as much free knowledge as possible can be made available on the Wikimedia platforms. Initially we are focusing on content shared by the cultural heritage sector; but academia, civil society, government agencies and commercial actors will all become relevant in the future.

Diversity and global focus are central to all the work you will be doing in this position. This means that all the development will have to work not only in a Swedish and European context, but also internationally, and adjustments will have to be possible.

Through this work, Wikimedia Sverige is breaking new ground internationally. The conclusions and experiments we are doing will contribute to important changes in the Wikimedia movement. In order to achieve this, thorough documentation and transparency will be of crucial importance.

You will be working closely with the Executive Director and the Chief Operating Officer.

Your tasks from March to December 2022

Together with the rest of the team, you are going to work with preparing Wikimedia Sverige for becoming a thematic hub. Some of the central parts of this work are listed below. The exact focus will be determined based on the number of hours per week that you work (see below).

  • Developing a Technical Direction focused on describing the problems that have to be solved, as well as proposals for overall product design so that the Wikimedia movement can implement more and better content partnerships, as well as deciding in which order the development should be done. Coordinating with the technical teams of the Wikimedia Foundation and Wikimedia Deutschland, in order to ensure that our processes are aligned.
  • Developing a strategic plan for our collaboration with the Wikimedia Foundation, Wikimedia Deutschland and other participants who create software within the Wikimedia ecosystem until 2030, with a focus on the period 2023–2025.
  • Developing structures that make it possible for us to, together with other Wikimedia organizations, make decisions around software development and maintenance, as well as structures for how the organizations can participate in financing this work.
  • Developing strategic plans and building experimental structures for how the hub will provide other forms of support to the developer community (example), apart from our own active development of software for content partnerships.
  • Coordinating and prioritizing capacity building specifically for the software that is central for content partnerships, as well as developing a long-term plan for this work. This includes issues such as: which documentation should be prioritized, what educational material should be developed, what translations need to be done.
  • Coordinating and prioritizing communication with the community about these initiatives.
  • Developing a plan for involving interns (including GSoC, Outreachy and others) and volunteers in the technical development.
  • Other duties as assigned.

This is a job for you who wants to work with Wikimedia Sverige in an international environment, developing partnerships and other exciting ideas together with volunteers and staff. Everything so that one of the world's by far largest websites can become even better and free and open knowledge can become available to everyone!

You are going to work in a small, dynamic and international organization with a lot of partners and many types of activities. The office staff work closely with each other in a large number of projects that are grounded on innovation and willingness to experiment. We strive to grow a diverse team with a broad representation of work experiences, ages, backgrounds and genders. Personal characteristics are also very important to us.

Start date and form of employment

We are looking for someone who can start immediately under a consultant contract (Sw. konsultavtal). If you have a longer notice period, it may be possible to work fewer hours in the beginning to make the introduction period easier. We expect you to work remotely.

This is a part-time position with a minimum of 6 hours per week (15% FTE) and a maximum of 20 hours per week (50% FTE) for the period of March to December 2022. The position might be extended.

What you need to succeed

Are you a great fit for this position? If so we expect that:

  • You share Wikimedia's values and desires around free knowledge and everyone’s equal opportunity to be involved and have a good understanding of how the Wikimedia movement operates.
  • You have practical experience of working with opening up and sharing content from the GLAM sector or other types of content owners.
  • You are analytical, solution-oriented and have good organizational skills.
  • You have experience of working with complex software development projects – running and organizing them, as well as leading the work – in a goal-oriented way.
  • You are great at clearly communicating complex technical issues to people with less technical skills.
  • You have social skills that allow you to effectively work together with others – your coworkers, Wikimedia Sverige's external partners and volunteers – in small project groups.
  • You have a flexible mindset and can work effectively in a rapidly growing organization while recognizing possibilities and handling risks.

Formal requirements

  • Academic education relevant to your tasks, or equivalent experience.
  • Several years of professional experience working with one or more organizations in the Wikimedia movement.
  • Good spoken and written English.
  • Previous responsibility for the strategic work developing requirement specifications and growth goals for software.

Great to have

We would also like to know if any of these apply to you:

  • You understand Wikimedia's goals, its culture and how the Wikimedia community works.
  • You have participated in developing collaborative open-source projects.
  • You have worked with MediaWiki and its APIs.
  • You have worked with non-profits.
  • You speak other languages.

What we offer

  • Working with making knowledge available to more people than ever before. You will be part of an effort that is changing the world.
  • The opportunity to make Wikipedia, the world's ninth largest website, even better.
  • Participation in developing new organizational forms in the Wikimedia movement.
  • Work in a flexible, open, transparent and international organization.
  • A friendly and inclusive workplace
  • A lot of flexibility in planning your daily work.
  • Remote work.


Send your cover letter, résumé and any references/work samples, as well as the earliest date you can start, to jobb(at)wikimedia.se. We are evaluating applications on an ongoing basis.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to us at jobb(at)wikimedia.se.

About Wikimedia Sverige

Wikimedia Sverige was founded in 2007. We are a non-profit association working in Sweden. Our goal is to make knowledge freely available to everyone. Our primary tool for achieving this is Wikipedia. We help individuals, organizations and institutions to both use and contribute to Wikipedia.

We work with a wealth of volunteers, the Wikimedia Foundation in the USA and over forty other Wikimedia organizations around the world. The association is currently growing and will expand its operations significantly in the coming years. We hope that you would like to play a key role in this work.

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