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Below follows a list of suggested enhancements/improvements/TODOs for the first version of the OpenBadges extension. Once that gets merged it could serve as a source for creating phabricator tasks.

  • Compare the used specification to that of
  • Add support for evidence in Issuance (should be exposed as a URL)
  • Make the "My Badges" page look nice and use a proper framework
  • Create a public version of "My Badges"
    • Introduce a checkbox on the private version to toggle which badges to show
  • Separate group for badge issuance (currently tied to sysop)
  • Allow issuance through API (prmarilly for bot usage)
  • Add tooltips to Creation and Issuance page
  • Add a mechanism for Revoking a badge
  • Add a mechanism for locking a badge (i.e. it can no longer be awarded)
  • Log issuance/creation/revokation in either a Badge log or the standard log
  • If Echo is present: Trigger notification on being issued a badge/having a badge revoked
  • Add settings option to "Hide all badge activity", this could possibly also be used to make it impossible to issue a badge to that user
  • Investigate export to Backpacks (primarily Mozilla using Persona)
  • Investigate baking, thus making it possible to import a MW-badge into a Backpack (as opposed to exporting it)