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Program Strategy Goals 2016
Access The chapter shall increase the knowledge about free licenses and increase access to free resources. A.1.1 Enrich the Wikimedia projects with 20 resources, through the creation and distribution of materials and by providing support and performing batch uploads.
A.1.2 Increase the quality of the Wikimedia projects by having 100 identified[1] subject experts contribute to the Wikimedia projects with at least 1 productive edit each, through the dissemination of information, maintaining relationships or arranging thematic edit-a-thons.
A.1.3 Involve 10 courses in the Wikipedia Education Program, through educating motivated teachers and providing expertise on the Wikipedia tools for education.
The chapter shall promote the increased use of free licenses. A.2.1 To change the norm of free licenses ensure that 10 organisations clearly license their material under free licenses, through workshops and support with information aimed at staff within the organisations.
A.2.2 Extend the network of the chapter with 100 centrally placed people (who can affect the license of materials) and 20 politicians (who can promote the strategic goals of the chapter), through events, new collaborations and direct contact with content owners and like-minded organisations.
Use The chapter shall promote high confidence in and increased use of the Wikimedia projects and free knowledge. U.1.1 Keep or increase the confidence in Wikipedia in the March 2017 measurement by Mediebarometern through targeted dissemination of information and relationship-building with opinion leaders with a high level of confidence.
U.1.2 Increase the number of page-views on the Wikimedia projects from Sweden with 10% compared with the same month the previous year during the months we have collaborations with media in current contexts.
The chapter shall promote high usability of the Wikimedia projects. U.2.1 Decrease the number of bugs in the software through reporting 100% of all verified bugs[2] within one week of being encountered.
U.2.2 To make content available for more people, create a functional text-to-speech prototype before the end of the year.
Community The chapter shall support active users with expertise and other resources. C.1.1 To make work easier, support will be given 365 times to at least 50 Wikimedians (or others who advocate for free knowledge) with expertise, financial or other resources.
C.1.2 To strengthen the community the chapter will support 50 recurring meet-ups where 50 Wikimedians participate and that 50% of the respondents to a survey express that these have been community building.
The chapter shall promote an inclusive climate and low barriers of entry for new users. C.2.1 One productive edit from 365 unique users from Wikimedia's underrepresented groups, through activities arranged by the the chapter.
C.2.2 250 rolling surviving new active editors that continuously contributes, through the promotion of improved per-conditions on Wikimedia projects.[3]
Enabling The chapter shall be competent. E.1 The members of the board shall strive to develop their skills in relevant fields and the office staff shall be given the opportunity to develop their skills.
The chapter shall be transparent. E.2 The association will actively work on communication with key stakeholders, such as the community, the Wikimedia Foundation, the public and opinion leaders.
The chapter shall strive for organizational stability. E.3 The chapter will work towards broad and sustainable funding where no donor exceeds 50 %, a doubling of membership, enhance volunteer involvement with 20 % and a 90-account.


  1. Identification can be via systematic user names with a connection to the institution, special user templates showing the connection to an institution, registration in a Wikiproject etc.
  2. According to the priority: software bugs, erroneously translated critical messages, untranslated critical messages.
  3. Measurement: all new users that through a project/event of ours become rolling surviving + all other new ones that during their first 60 days interacts with one of our tools (e.g. "Fikarummet") and then becomes rolling surviving.