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This is the report for the second quarter from Wikimedia Sweden.

During this quarter our office has really getting up to speed and we now have three ful time employees and a few part time. Highlights of the quarter includes the letter of intent signed with the Council of the Swedish Central Museums, improvement of our technology pool, major progress in several community driven projects and continued great progress in Wiki-skills and Eurpoeana Awareness.

Program plan


Access to technology

Activities performed
  • The equipment has been used 13 times during Q2. It has been used at photo safaris, events like the royal baptism of princess Estelle and conferences. We are now encouraging more members to use the equipment.
  • In total 770 files have been made possible through the pool, of which 124 were appointed Quality images and 2 Featured Pictures.
  • New video camera was bought. We have also ordered a sound recorder, that can be used for interviews or recording music.
Sample of pictures created

Access to scientific journals and monographies

Activities performed

We have opened the process for memebers and Wikpedians to buy, lend, borrow or in other way get access to resources. We have around three different applications but only one that directly ordered the books. One person wanted a book that is very rare in Sweden and can't be found in man places, so we made an inqury for this book.

Resources spent

One book has been ordered.


People can buy a book, journal or monograph. They can also get access to a database, or scientific newspaper. We also made it possible to get compensation for fees from libraries if you want to order a book from another city.


Activities performed

We had one edit-a-thon combined with a photo hunt held a few days before at the Hallwyl museum. Over 150 pictures has been upoaded so far, found here:

Several staff members and a few newcomers also got to learn how to edit Wikipedia. The edit-a-thon was a direct result from the cooperation with the Council of the Swedish Central Museums and we are planning to continue working with the Hallwyl musuem.


A few partners has been contacted for the next edit-a-thon which is scheduled to be held in September.

Sample of the pictures

Community driven projects

Activities performed
Resources spent
  • The scanning projects will continue.
  • Swecon will take place in October.
  • Translate Kulturskatter på nätet to English.


Identify deficient or missing content

Activities performed

Students for a thesis on this subject has been found and talks are on-going on the boundaries of the study.


The thesis will be written this fall and be ready in January 2013.

Surveys of how Wikipedia is used and can be improved

Activities performed

Participated in a meeting with former donors, arranged by Megan Hernandez of Wikimedia Foundation, where their usage of Wikipedia was discussed.

Content donations from 5 institutions

Activities performed

Presentations at meeting with the directors at The Council of the Swedish Central Museums and at full staff meetings with The Swedish National Maritime Museums. First workshops and edit-a-thons at the National Historical Museum.

200 aerial photos of Sweden

Activities performed

Announcements of the project has been made both in Wikimedia forums, but also to photographers and hobby pilots. A few people has voluntereed to take the photographs.


One helicopter ride over Stockholm has been booked and will take place during the summer.


A lot of discussions has been held about the current law that every photo that has been taken from the air has to get a permit from the Swedish Defence Force prior to publishing. The chapter will investigate what it can do to make this process as smooth as possible.


Educate teachers and GLAM employees

Project Wiki-skills: Enable teachers to teach how to use wikis
Activities performed
  • An introductory workshop with wiki-experienced teachers was held by Leo. Obstacles and success factors when using wikis in education were identified. Experiences were exchanged and ideas on pedagogical scenarios were discussed. Participants were very satisfied according to evaluation in the introductory workshop report.
  • WikiSkills has finally a homepage of its own:
  • The results of the workshops, the survey and the literature study previously conducted are now presented in a "European state of the art report" ( to which WM SE has contributed substantially. There is also a section on success factors when using wikis in the classroom.
  • Leo represents WM SE in Liege at WikiSkill's project planning meeting number two.
  • The contract with Leo is extended.
Resources spent

Work hours: 35 + 13.5 + 33 = 81.5 h Travel hours: 9 h


Generally we will start with WP3 and create, edit and adapt training contents for the coming face-to-face and on-line courses. See original workplan in the budget. See also list of all WP:s below:

  • WP1 Project Management
  • WP2 User needs and training opportunitiesAlmost finished
  • WP3 Creating, editing and adapting training contents
  • WP4 Implementation of training
  • WP5 Dissemination
  • WP6 Exploitation of Project results
  • WP7 Quality management
  • WP8 Evaluation

Specifically, WM SE plan a small contest to gather pedagogical scenarios involving wiki use.

Some deadlines for the next 6 months:

  • WP2 D.2.3 part 4 : delivery 10/07/12
  • WP5 List of National Events for Dissemination 10/07/12
  • WP5 List of Persons per Target Group to be invited to Newsletter 10/09/12
  • WP5 Named a Translator for WebSite Translation (email to Yn) 02/07/12
  • WP5 Find 2 external Experts for contribution End of 2012
University (teach the teachers program)
Activities performed
  • Contact has been made with a university that has already made a pilot by themselves and tentative interest on participating in the Wikipedia Education Program ha been expressed.
  • We started to translate the MediaWiki extension to Swedish.
  • Continued discussion to see if they really are interested in WWEP.
  • Finish the translation.
Student clubs
2 minute video explaining the five pillars.
Activities performed
  • Several schools has been contacted and discussions are ongoing on where and when to start. During one of these, a teacher started a project called "Six voices on Wikipedia" where our chairman got two minutes two explain the five pillars.
  • Seminars has been held for Vittragymnasiet and Helixgymnasiet. Blog post: (Swedish)
Europeana Awareness
Activities performed
  • Lennart Guldbrandsson (Project leader) and John Andersson (Event Manager) together with Jakob Hammarbäck (WMSE's secretary) all attended Europeana's plenary in Leuven, Belgium from the 12th to the 17th of June. The group's main task was to networking with all of the central persons in the European GLAM sector that participated there and learn a bit more about the work done by Europeana and Europeana's many partners.
  • The preparations for the Wiki Loves Public Art (WLPA) contest was initiated during the second half of the month and invitations to participate in the planing and preparations was sent out on a number of different email lists. So far three people from Sweden, Greece and Austria have shown interest in working as national coordinators or in other ways work as volunteers.
  • A few potential GLAM events that we might be able to participate in organizing have been identified and discussions have started with a few of the Chapters about what the cooperation might look like and be about.
  • A brochure about the WLPA and the planned GLAM activities was created to be handed out during Wikimania in Washington D.C. with the hope of attracting more international volunteers to the project.
  • Laura Tuononen has started to work as a volunteer with the external communications about the project, so far mainly through social media and helping with the design of the brochure. A Twitter account has been created and it already has over 50 followers (please see @wikieuropeana and use the hashtag #wikilovespublicart to get updates through Twitter).
Resources spent
  • The costs for the traveling to and accommodation in Leuven was paid for by Europeana.
  • The work with finding more volunteers for the WLPA contest and outline what need to be done will continue during the rest of the quarter.
  • The work with finding suitable GLAM events in Europe to cooperate with and coorganize will continue during the rest of the quarter.
  • Both John, Lennart and Laura as well as a few other people from WMSE will participate in Wikimania in July.

Make contacts with important educational institutions

Activities performed
  • We have some contact with a couple of universities or highschools and are discussion how we can work togehter. Some of them have very engaged teachers and we need to reach the managers for a formal contact.
  • In Gothenburg we have contact with a public educational company know for their openminded and progressive pedagogical work. Tey have been working with wikis for many years, and want to do some interesting projects togehter with us.
  • We had an initial contact with the Royal College of Music to have students record old musical work.


Activities performed

  • Three board meetings, two online and one in Stockholm.
  • Participated in the Chapters conference.
  • Developed a new module to CiviCRM to track working hours.
  • Had an introductory meeting with auditors in order to evaluate our current status.
  • Got an extra room in the office to place our new employees and still have place for equipment.


We held three board meetings, 10th of April, 8th of Mars and 9th of July. All notes can be find at One member of the board announced in May that he will finish his assignment as a boardmember. Albin Jacobsson will be engaged as a volounteer for Wikipedia.


  • We have thre fulltime employees; Secretary Jakob Hammarbäck, project Manager for GLAM Axel Pettersson and Europeana Event Manager John Andersson.
  • We have two person working hours on the project Wiki-Skills. Project Manager Anna Bauer; and Leonard Wallentin.
  • For the first time we have collaboration with the GLAM-sector to hire a Wikipedian in Residence. Or actually two, one developer and one evangelist. Both will interact and inspire the employees, share good examples and be part of the team at the Swedish National Heritage Board.

Economical Reports




Wikimedia in the news

Other activities performed

  1. Radio interview about the Wikipedians in Residence.
  2. Workshop with Wikifem, a network for feminists that edit Wikipedia.
  3. A meeting was held in Oslo on April 22 withe representatives from Wikimedia Denmark, Wikimedia Norway and Wikimedia Sweden, following an informal meeting at the Chapters Conference in Berlin in March. An invitation had also been made to Wikimedia Finland. Cooperation on specific common Nordic projects were discussed in some
  4. We have bought many different domains for our projects, and will soon acitvate them. Here are some examples
    • domain (Swedish for wiki meet-up) to make it easier to refer newcomers on where to find information about meet-ups.
    • for the photocompetition
    • wikilovespublicart for the upcoming Europeana project detail.

List of activities in Q2

Datum Event Place Comment
30 march - 1 april Chapter's conference Berlin
10 april Board meeting On-line
11 april Workshop with wiki-fem The office, Stockholm
18 april The Swedish National Heritage Board hires Wikipedians in Residence Announcement
22-23 april Wikipedia Academy Oslo Blog
6 may Radio interview about Wikipedians in Residence
8 may Board meeting On-line
10 may Presentation for Helixymnasiet Stockholm Blog
12 may Wiki takes Norrköping Uppland
16 may Presentation for Vittragymnasiet Nacka, Sickla, Stockholm
26 may Letter of intent with the the Council of the Swedish Central Museums Announcement
26 may Photo hunt Uppland
1 june Launch GLAM white paper National Library of Sweden, Stockholm Blog
4 june Workshop at the Ájtte museum and the Saami education centre Jokkmokk Blog
5 june Preentation for the Swedish Board of Agriculture Jönköping Blog
9 june Board meeting The office, Stockholm
9 june Member picnic Stockholm
11 june Photo hunt The Hallwyl Museum
12-13 june Wiki-skills Liege
12-15 june Europeana conference Leuven Belgien Travel report
15 june Edit-a-thon The Hallwyl Museum
Workshops and presentations on Wikipedia Organisational development Photo hunts and meet-ups Project where Wikimedeia Sverige is participating