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This is the Chapters report for Wikimedia Sverige December 2012.


The Co-operation Council of Woking Life Museums

We signed a Letter of Intent (in Swedish) with the Co-operation Council of Working Life Museums (Arbetslivsmuseernas samarbetsråd, link to Swedish Wikipedia) which has a membership of more than 400 Working Life Museums in Sweden. This Letter of Intent is similar to the letter of intent signed in May, 2012, with The Council of the Swedish Central Museums which made way to several workshops, upcoming uploads and the editing by the institutions concerned.

The Vasa Museum

We signed a Letter of Intent on starting a specific project with the Vasa Museum. The museum is a member of The Council of the Swedish Central Museums and this LoI is a direct spin-off from that overall collaboration arrangement The Vasa Museum project is about an exhibition and we will have workshops and Wikipedia competitions, and also assist the museum with the integration of Wikimedia content into the exhibition.

The National Historical Museum

We held a workshop at The National Historical Museum (Historiska museet) with five employees. Image uploading, editing, categorizing and use of relevant templates was on the schedule as well as two presentations, one on a project about writing articles on all civil parishes and one on copyright and free licences.

Europeana Awareness

  • A voting has been held on the logo for Wiki Loves Public Art. The winner can be seen to the right.
  • The website was launched.
  • Eva Fransson was assigned as new national coordinator for Swedish Wiki Loves Public Art.

Database for Public Art

We got funding from Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems (Vinnova) in their open data program to collect and create a database for public art. We plan to build it on a similar architecture as the Wiki Loves Monuments database, so that it can be utilized in a similar way for the Wiki Loves Public Art contest. We are funded with 375 200 SEK, and we will hire a new employee for execution of the project.


We had a blogpost about the Swedish program published on the Wikimedia Foundation blog.

Swedish University of Agricultural Scienes

Plans were drafted for the Wikipedia day at the Swedish University of Agricultural Scienes in Uppsala, January 18, 2013.

Academy of Principals Development

We made a podcast with the Academy of Principals Development and are planning to have common workshops for principals.


We had a workshop at Stagneliusskolan in Kalmar.


We have been announcing three WikiSkills face-to-face courses and since then been looking for suitable course participants - teachers eager to perhaps hold a wiki lesson with their students. The courses will be held in the south, middle and north of Sweden (which is a loong country) hence also giving some attention to parts of Sweden which generally is not spoiled whith events.

Course description and registration form (in Swedish)

Teach the teachers!


Nobel laureates interviews

Serge Haroche.

We got an accredition for interviewing Nobel laureates (videos) 2012 as well.

Aerial photography

Skeppsholmen in central Stockholm.

Images from our second flight were given permission to be published by the Swedish Defence Forces. A category on Commons holds all the images.


Four blog posts were produced in December:


Board meetings

We had two board meetings in December. Minutes are available in Swedish (December 11, December 19).



After a long and elaborous recruiting process, with the help of external recruitment firm, Jan Ainali was hired as the CEO. Jan, who is the present chairman, will resign before start of the assignment in March.

Database coordninator/technician

The hiring process for the project on creating a database for public art started.


Available as pdf.

We also distributed a newsletter to all our members per mail and included a copy of the newly published Nordic Yearbook as well as an announcement of/invitation to the 2013 Annual Meeting.


Two newsletters were sent to members: