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This is the quarterly report from Wikimedia Sverige for Q3.

In short this has been a very active period, with lots of work happening in the GLAMs, Wiki Loves Monuments, Wikipedia in Education and strategic planning.


Access to technology

The church of Utö, photographed with the Nikon D7000.
Interview at the book fair. Notice the microphone wind shield.

During Q3 the equipment were borrowed ten times, for the trip to Wikimania, the Stockholm Archipelago, the Book fair in Gothenburg (two equipments), air photography, photography of members of the Swedish parliament, video at a nerd café, two edit-a-thons and for a weekend photo session.

The pool has been expanded with two laptops and with various accessories to the existing equipment, one nice thing was specially printed wind shields for microphones. We have some spares so get in touch with us if you have the use for it.

Access to scientific journals and monographies

Two books has been bought and a camera for easy digitizing of the out of copyright ones has been bought and distributed to volunteers. Example.


No edit-at-hons has been held in this quarter, but several are being planned for the last quarter.

Community driven projects

Cultural treasures on the internet

The GLAM white paper was translated into English, Cultural treasures on the internet. It is a short handbook for GLAMs interested in making their material more easily available on the web.

The Swedish version got some critique from SFF (Swedish Photographers Association) about it's views on copyright. Feeling it was not accurate or fair, we published a reply and offered them to join in the work.

Book fair in Gothenburg

Interviews at the book fair.

Six Wikipedians participated in the Gothenburg book fair. In total, they interviewed about 80 authors and politicians in all languages they spoke, and took pictures of more than hundred other relevant persons. Images and videos are being uploaded to commons.

Ancient monument hunt (Fornminnesjakten)

As a part of Wiki Loves Monuments, one volunteer arranged a local side competition. Participating images can be found on commons.

International aquaintances (Internationella bekantskaper)

As a part of Wiki Loves Monuments, two volunteers arranged a local photo walk in central Stockholm in cooperation with International acquaintances targeting new contributors.

One participant using the Wiki loves Monuments app.

Scanning project 1

User:Edaen wrote a blog post (in Swedish) about his scanning project and the technique he uses.

Scanning project 2

User:Lavallen finished the scanning of the Gustav Vasa Bible and published it on Wikisource.

Swecon 2012

User:Julle wrote a blog post (in Swedish) about the planning of the participation at the convent.


Identify deficient or missing content

We have signed a contract with a university in Germany where a student will do research on statistics over several Wikipedia language versions.

Surveys of how Wikipedia is used and can be improved

A student at the Royal institute of technology has started on his thesis regarding this.

Content donations from institutions

We had a first meeting with the National Archives and the National Archivist about future collaboration. They are inspired by the letter of intent that we signed with the Council of the Swedish Central Museums and are interested in doing something similar.

  • We participated in a meeting with the council for the Swedish Central Museums. We now have a action plan for a long term cooperation, including edit-a-thons, workshops and courses.
  • Ájttemuseum (Sami) in Jokkmokk will continuing the contact with Bengt together with the Sami Education Centre.
  • Axel initiated contact with a football team to discuss the opportunity to add QR-codes on their shirts.
  • We are searching and asking a lot of organisations to donate prices to the winners of Wiki Loves Monuments.
  • We are investigating the meta-data from Livrustkammaren. They plan to donate 13,000 old photos and we need to add their meta-data to Commons.

200 aerial photos of Sweden

The helicopter used for the air photography.

One flight with a helicopter over Stockholm was made. Over 100 images are going to be submitted to the Swedish Armed Forces for approval before being uploaded.


Educate teachers and GLAM employees

Project Wiki-skills: Teach teachers how to use wikis in class

Working time for Anna and Leo: July 5 h, August 9.5 h, September 35.5 h

Time has been spent on:

University (teach the teachers program)

We are establishing contacts with several teachers that has experimented with using Wikipedia in their courses, for example at the Royal institute of technology in Stockholm.


We participated at the Eduwiki conference in the UK to get a kick start on our Wikipedia Education Program. A travel report is available in Swedish.

Student clubs

Some contacts have been made with schools in Skara.

Europeana Awareness

Two representatives from Wikimedia Sweden participated at GLAMcamp in London on the 15-16 September. John Andersson participated there as part of the Europeana Awareness project and joined the task force that will be working with the organization of the GLAM-WIKI 2013 conference. John will work on finding content (i.e. people to give presentations and workshops) and external communication (promoting the conference to both speakers and attendees). John's travel report, Axel's travel report and blog post (all three in Swedish).

Wikimedia Sweden and the Nordic Museum had a first meeting about a coming editathon, that will have fashion as its theme. The editathon will take place in March 2013 in cooperation with other actors such as Europeana Fashion and Stockholm University.

Wiki Loves Public Art (WLPA)

Beppo Stuhl from Austria became the first volunteer to take on the role as a National Coordinator for the Wiki Loves Public Art (WLPA) photo contest.

Make contacts with important educational institutions

Contacts has been made with Studiefrämjandet, which also will be a good contact to reach Folkbildningsrådet (The National Council of Adult Education). We will start collaboration through a joint project application to Folkbildningsrådet.

Nordic cooperation

The copy and the layout of the Nordic chapter yearbook is done and printing awaits.


Activities performed

In the beginning of August we had an intern starting, Sophie Österberg, working mainly with Wikipedia in Education and Wiki Loves Monuments. She was later hired to work as a Education Program Manager for the rest of the year. Sophie wrote three blogg posts (in Swedish), Welcome, half time and good bye.

A lot of thought went into the application to the FDC which had two full day meetings open for members and two full day meetings for the board to summarize those and narrow the strategy down based on all that input.

Board meetings

  • 2012-08-26, minutes available in Swedish.
  • 2012-09-23, minutes available in Swedish.

Other meetings

The strategy post-it board for one of the stakeholders (editors).
  • We had a strategy meeting with the members, notes available in Swedish.
  • We had a planning meeting with the members with the purpose to get a programme plan ready for an application for grants to the Funds Dissemination Committee. notes available in Swedish.


Newsletters has been sent to the members (in Swedish).

Chapters reports has been produced every month.

The office started to summarize their efforts in a short weekly office newsletter (in Swedish).


As part of our organisational development, board members have attended some seminars, one about board responsibility and one about successful board work.


We are currently hiring a financial administrator.


Jan Ainali facilitating a workshop.

2 board members, 3 staff and 4 members of Wikimedia Sverige attended Wikimania. Three talks and one panel discussion were given by these. Several blog posts were written (in Swedish), Day 1, Day 2, networking, Wikimedians.



Photo scavenger hunt on Hissingen

This period has seen quite a lot of media coverage in Swedish, regarding Wiki Loves Monuments, Wikipedians in residence, photo scavenger hunts and Ada Lovelace day edit-a-thon.


The presentation at the nerd café.

We had several presentations during Q3.

Economical Report

In Q3 we started compensating the underspending from Q1 and Q2 that mainly arised due to delays in the early hirings also causing delays in projects. As always, our current financial situation can be viewed in real time here.

Financial statement Q3
Income and Non-personal Expenses. The reason Wikimedia Foundation is so large is that we received the funds for phase B according to our program plan. Our other grants from the EU projects has been received earlier in the year.