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Det här är en översatt version av sidan Stöd till gemenskapen. Översättningen är till 96 % färdig och uppdaterad.
With our help, Albin Olsson got accreditation to the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 in Copenhagen. He also borrowed a camera from our technology pool. Here's a photo of the event's winner, Conchita Wurst.

One of Wikimedia Sverige's most important tasks is supporting the Wikimedia community, so that all volunteers feel empowered to contribute to and spread free knowledge. That's the goal of the Community Support project: providing support to the Wikimedia community as well as similar projects and movements within the scope of our vision and strategy.

Here are some examples. Do you have other ideas? We're looking forward to hearing from you! There are lots of interesting projects waiting to become reality.

  • Grants: Do you want to organize an edit-a-thon? Maybe even a wiki-camp? Would you like to travel to another city to take great photos? You can apply for reimbursement for the costs involved in activities and projects that further free knowledge!
  • Technology pool: Do you want to take photos? Record videos? Would you like to record a podcast or sing old songs with your choir? How about scanning old books or photos? In our technology pool there's a lot of equipment you can borrow to make spreading free knowledge easier.
  • Reference works: a Wikipedia editor needs sources. Sometimes they can be hard to access. To solve that problem, we have introduced a system with reference works! Are there books, journals or subscriptions you are in dire need of? You can get access to that, through us!
  • Accreditation: Wikipedia articles need photos. Many notable people can be photographed during cultural, sporting and other events. We can help you get accreditation. Volunteers have been accredited to events like the opening of the Parliament, competitions at Melodifestivalen and Stockholm Horse Show. There are many more possibilities!
  • Projektstöd: Vill du driva ett projekt, och behöver personalens löpande stöd? Finns det kompetens hos personalen som du vill använda dig av, på ett organiserat vis? Vi hjälper såklart alltid till i mån av tid, men genom projektstöd kan du planera, samordna och söka organiserat projektstöd från Wikimedia Sveriges personal.
  • ? What project did we miss? What would you like to do to spread free knowledge? Reach out to us! Previous project include recurring edit-a-thons, local technology pools and many more. The possibilities are (almost) endless!

Läs mer om vår transparens när funktionärer söker stöd.

Bild från en fotosafari som fått resebidrag och helikopterhyra. All kamerautrustning kom från teknikpoolen och alla bilder är samlade i kategorin Category:Community driven project Fotosafari Kiruna 2017 funded by Wikimedia Sverige på Wikimedia Commons.


More information: Grants

Wikimedia Sverige can reimburse you for the costs involved in realizing projects with the goal of creating free content or free knowledge. The activities can be of different sorts – grants to cover travel costs, refreshments or other costs that can arise when doing this kind of activities. We have given grants for editathons, for helicopter rides to take photos from above, for organizing camp courses in Wikipedia editing and for photo safaris in mining areas – as long as the goal is free knowledge, your ideas set the limits!

Technology pool

More information: Technology pool

The church in Kiruna from above, a project supported by our technology pool.

In teknikpoolen there is a lot of technological equipment you can borrow for different projects. There are cameras and tripods, microphones and scanners, audio recorders, camera flash and lots of other things. IF there is something you want in particular that we don't have, we might even considering buying it. You can make a lot of things with the equipment, as long as the result is free content. The content might be videos, photos, podcasts – almost anything. Throughout the years, lots of content have been created and uploaded through the technology pool – here you can see some examples.

Get inspired:

  • Before Kiruna was to be moved, a group of volunteers got grants and equipment to document Kiruna, an important work to document a cultural heritage undergoing change. The result was more than 300 freely licensed photos. You can find them here.
  • When Wiki Loves Monuments – the world's largest photo contest – takes place in September each year, several volunteers usually borrow cameras from the technology pool in order to be able to take high quality photos of cultural heritage. You can find several of them here.

Reference works

More information: Access to reference works

Through access to reference works Peter Isotalo got access to the Public Domain work Adelig öfningz fiortonde tom, medh behörige kopparstycken, which you now can access digitally at Wikisource!

Do you want to write about a certain topic, but lack the literature? Is there a referential work that you think could lead to lots of new information to Wikipedia? Or an old book, ready to be scanned and transferred to Wikisource? Are there articles behind paywall in a scientific journal or database you need access to? Through Wikimedia Sverige you can get access to reference works!

Applying for reference works is in particular suitable if you plan on writing several articles on the same subject. As long as you, with some regularity, write articles or contribute with free knowledge from the literature in other ways, you have unlimited access! In that way you don't need to, for example, run to the library to re-borrow the book (and can in some cases avoid the cost for inter-library loans).

Maybe this is also a good opportunity if you are a student? Why not apply for some of the course literature you have, and at the same time use that to improve information within your field of expertise on Wikipedia?


More information: Accreditation

Do you know of an event with many VIPs, that you would like to take photos of? Or maybe an event where you think you might get access to lots of good information about the Wikimedia platforms and free knowledge? Wikimedia Sverige can help you with accreditation to different kinds of events, and we more than like to help you apply! Volunteers have interviewed Nobel laureates, photographed at the opening of the Parliament, at Melodifestivalen and several large international sports events. Please reach out to us and tell us what kind of event you want to get accreditation to!


To be able to follow how the grants are used, get statistics and see if the support does any good, all content that is created and uploaded to Wikimedia Commons be marked with the template {{Wmse-GemenskapensProjekt}}. In the template, you can add parameters on if the support is in terms of technology pool, accreditation, reference works, grants or a combination. You can also add your own category, in order to example gather photos from a photo safari. See for example {{Wmse-GemenskapensProjekt|project=Fotosafari Kiruna 2017|travel=ja|teknikpool=ja|other=helikopter}} which adds that the photo has a travel grant (travel=ja) and grant for helicopter (other=helicopter) and that the photo is taken with equipment from the technology pool (teknikpool=ja). The photos are all collected in one category using project=Fotosafari Kiruna 2017.

If you only use the technology pool but no other support it is enough if you mark the photos with {{WMSE-teknikpool}}.

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